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18th July 2011

Head Turning Bracelets for Fashion Conscious Collectors

The bracelet is an ancient article of jewelry that has both decorative and religious significance. Historians tell us that the bracelet was one of the most popular accessories in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were the first to use precious metals and...

15th February 2011

How to Deal with Death

Death is the end of life as we know it; the end. There are many different theories that attempt to describe what happens after a person dies; most religions have a different version of an afterlife. Christians, for example, believe that if a person lived ...

13th October 2010

Tribal Tattoo Pictures - What It Means

Tribal tattoos depict a lot of symbols and are deeply rooted in history. Sometimes they represent cultural expressions of spirits, blessings and status. Others could also mean protection and the relationship of earth to the cycle of life. Considered as o...

29th September 2010

Watch Smallville season 10 episode 1 online to decipher countless mysteries!

The team of superheroes will soon grace the small screen, again. With an unforgettable and heart-rending finale last season ‘Smallville’ is returning to the small screen with an amazing tenth season. Smallville fans are eagerly waiting for the opportunity...

23rd November 2009

What If No One Lied?

What a great premise for a movie. The Invention of Lying is a story of a world where everyone tells the truth. Could you go a whole week without lying?Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson dreamed up this fantasy world then decided to make a movie about it. ...

21st July 2009

Not Just Another TV Show About Ghosts

Sure, everybody watched a TV show about ghosts every now and then. In fact, it seems obligatory for every TV network to come up with its own supernatural themed programs. And many of them have turned out quite alike that you can't tell them apart aside fr...

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