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08th June 2011

Card making goes digital

Cassette tapes may already be phased out nowadays. But that does not mean that mix tapes are already extinct as well. The emergence of compact disks (CD) in our daily lives even further populates mixtapes. It is now easy to make a mix tape for someone Thi...

06th April 2011

Peter Orszag: Outside of Work

Peter Orszag might be one of the most influential and leading economists in the world, but that doesn’t mean his whole life revolves around economics. Instead, Peter Orszag has healthy interests outside of his work and is regularly involved with a number ...

06th April 2011

American Idol Season 10 Episode 23 : 1st April 2011 (Elimination Night)

American Idol Season 10 Episode 23 : Last week the judges saved Casey Abrams from being eliminated and that makes your Top 11 remained to be a Top 11. How about if you take this one for size… DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Yup, you’ve read that right. Double elimina...

07th January 2011

Exclusive DirecTV’s Music Channels – Treat for the Music Lovers

Music is the food and life for quite a number of people who always go for those television providers that offer the best of channels in musical programs and content. In terms of variety and quality of music going for DirecTV Deals is perfect option in han...

21st June 2010

Bring Back the Lost Smile on Your Face with Satellite TV

Life is a mixture of joy and pain. So you can never say that, "look guys, I am so happy. Nothing can go wrong." But things do go wrong draining out all the happiness from within us. The end result is we are completely at a loss and cannot think anything p...

02nd June 2010

Cheer Up with DISH TV

There are moments in life when things go wrong, people misunderstand you and life seems to be so unpleasant. There is none to console you or share your pain. This makes you feel lonelier without a friend. Depression grips us and we tend to cuddle up withi...

19th October 2009

Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus

Everything About Hannah MontanaHannah Montana is the character on TV and in the movies played by the popular musician Miley . On the show Cyrus plays a teenager who is living a double life as a rock star on the hit cable TV show. Hannah MontanaThe show ce...

09th October 2009

Country Music Star Blake Shelton - Home

Visit: With the success of his 2008 chart-topper Home, Blake Shelton took a career step With the release of his CD ' Startin' Fires. He takes it to a entirely new level. Home ' took Shelton into new musical territory. Vocally it rea...

05th October 2009

lessons for guitar PRESENTS Easy Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are an easy solution for you if you have no idea of how to read sheet music but are constantly bugged by the notion that you want to be a guitarist. Guitar tabs are easy to learn and allow you to begin playing songs right away, even if you are...

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