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04th March 2010

How to build a Tojan Horse

The Wall Sometimes we feel out numbered, overwhelmed and up against a wall, and at the point of surrender, we have self doubts and lose all courage to continue …but is this a good time to give in? Our little voice (the resistance) thinks so, as a ma...

06th January 2010

Beauty and the Epilator

As much as we want to deny it, we tend to make little judgments in our heads when we meet a person for the first time. This comes with the saying that first impression matters. And sure enough, it doesn't stop at characteristics and manners of the individ...

15th December 2009

Mom's perspective

Of course we don't want our teenagers to "do it," but when puberty hits, it's on. The train is on the track. Hormones start raging and there is no stopping them. Crush number one begins with a shy smile on the way to their locker. Crush two hits with a wh...

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