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26th August 2011

Abnormal Weight Loss - The Most popular Reasons That It May Happen

If you're losing abnormal amounts of weight it would be wise to be worried. There are so many potential causes that it really takes a visit to the doctor to know for sure why this is happening. Because prolonged weight loss can make your body become malno...

23rd September 2010

Tips for Crohn's Flare-ups

Tips for Crohn's Flare-ups Living with any chronic disease can be a challenge, and Crohn's is no exception. The extremely painful flare-ups make day-to-day living seem impossible and when the disease is in remission, the stress of worrying about the ne...

30th March 2010

Sampling Of Crohn's Disease Recipes

If you have Crohn's disease and you are a bit miserable because of food hindrances, then worry no more because there can be an ulcerative colitis diet that would not hurt your tummy but would definitely make your mouth water. If you are thinking that you ...

08th January 2010

Alkaline and Acid Diet - Living a Healthy Life

All of us follow a combination of an alkaline and acid diet. However, a problem could start if most of what we eat is high in acid content. If a certain food is highly acidic, it will also leave acid residue in our body. Acid build-up can disrupt our ...

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