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18th May 2011

Gallery Wraps – Art With No Boundaries

Art has always been subjective, so too is how art should be viewed. We have always relied on the expertise of Custom Picture Framers to suggest the perfect frame, or to select the best color combination of mat-board to enhance the art rather than to detr...

11th March 2011

Murano Glass History Overview

Mainly defined by its inimitable beauty and flawless purity, the intriguing and fascinating material of Murano glass stands out as a product of centuries of innovation and epitomizes Italy’s value for fine art, one of the reasons why the country has alway...

24th July 2009

Everything That You Need To Know About Framed Memorabilia

Collecting framed memorabilia could be a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby and a money spinning business alike. However, keeping these valuable collectibles intact is easier said than done. Colors or signature might fade away due to a number of natural cause...

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