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13th August 2012

Move Your Business Ahead with Hosted PBX VOIP

Telephony is and has always been a very important for business communication as it is ideal for real time interaction. Though email has become the official protocol but it still could not replace the telephone interaction, moreover it is a delayed way of ...

21st September 2011

Measures to Maintain Security and Confidentiality of Corporate Conferencing

Audio and web video conferences are needed by organisations looking to streamline their corporate communication platform. Singapore-based firms depend upon the state-of-the-art voice and visual interaction systems to communicate with remotely located clie...

29th May 2011

Web Conferencing Solutions for Communication Collaboration

Since it began reaching out to the masses, information technology has propelled the growth of communication between people. Web conferencing has gained immense popularity in education as well as corporate sector, as it allows two remotely-located parties ...

11th March 2011

Mobile VoIP Android

If you want to experience free or cheap VoIP callings then there are lots of VoIP Service Providers as well as VoIP app such as Skype, Truphone and Fring etc. Well, both of these methods offers different VoIP deals which sometimes benefits customers, serv...

11th February 2011

Panasonic KX-NCP1000 Network Communication Platform

The KX-NCP1000 OneNet is an advanced communication solutions designed to enable businesses to achieve Unified Communications by enhancing and streamlining office communications with presence enriched productivity applications. The soluti...

30th October 2009

Moving Toward Unified Communications

Take advantage of a unified communications system with the experienced help from Cross Telecom and ensure your employees are connected at every possible level. Unified communications systems have undergone leaps in evolution to match the growing needs ...

30th October 2009

Simplify Your Business With Avaya Unified Communications

The convergence of technology and social demands has spawned "Unified Communications", a trend in business to simplify and integrate all forms of communication seamlessly. Through expertise and experience Cross Telecom can implement Unified Communications...

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