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02nd December 2010

Varieties of Discount Perfume

Some people think that discount perfume simply cannot stand up to regular priced perfume. However, in truth, they are the same stuff the manufacturer makes and sends to the store. However, they are at a discounted price so that those who cannot afford to ...

12th February 2010

Buying Fragrances Online

When it comes down to purchasing perfumes and aftershaves, there's a kind of standard format for how it's done. You walk into the store, peruse the various perfume counters and wait for something to catch your eye. You find something, you use a tester to ...

19th October 2009

Modern Culture and the Celebrity Fragrance

Modern culture is obsessed with celebrity, almost no element of the media is impervious from the intoxicating pull of using celebrity to help sales. In short, if a newspaper or magazine puts a well known celebrity on their front cover it helps shift units...

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