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16th August 2011

Piano Fool Examine

Actively playing the piano is one with the most revered things talents from the earth; it's classic and it never goes out of model. You'll be able to use your piano-taking part in competencies to your own enjoyment, or you can use it to acquire you to com...

05th April 2011

What to Seek out in Nursing Homes (Suffolk County, NY)

Long Island nursing homes are some of the very best amenities in Suffolk County, NY for seniors and for folks who need some respite on the everyday stress of tending to loved ones. Folks, as they mature, have special emotional and physical needs which...

28th March 2011

4 Android Apps That Musicians Cannot Ignore

What is it that connects Android smartphones with musicians? Still thinking? Címon, I am talking about those Android apps which make it easier for musicians to sustain their passion. Itís a common saying that smartphones and music seem to go together ver...

02nd February 2010

Learn To Play Piano

Learning the piano can open a whole world of musical knowledge, as you will learn much more than how to play the piano! Playing the piano, no matter what you're level of expertice, will become an ongoing jouney to perfection, if perfection is truly acheva...

11th June 2009

Choosing the Right Piano Bench

If a piano is the singer and a piano is the song, then a piano bench is the unnoticed drool that allows the song to come out smooth and silky. While the analogy to drool sounds funny, it is in fact an accurate description of a piano bench's duties. Ju...

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