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31st August 2012

Become an Expert Marketer

No matter what you passion is or your current skill set, you too can learn to think and make money online like the gurus. With so many get rich quick schemes online and a lot of marketers selling everything but their kitchen sink, you must be well educate...

16th November 2010

Fly Guy – Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with passion, dedication, and undeniable, natural talent. Hardwick’s acting credits include Liongate’s Kick-Ass alongside Nicholas Cage, Buena Vista Pictures’ The Guardian opposit...

05th October 2010

Paint an Animal Lover an Animal Portrait

There is a challenge to every portrait painter to please the beholder but there is also the challenge to fix a typical posture not to mention other details that capture the subject and brings it to life on the canvas even through the tiniest of brush stro...

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