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16th March 2011

0800 Numbers Help Increase Sales Calls

Businesses of every size are eager to connect with current as well as potential new customers and 0800 numbers enable them to do just that. The marketing strategy behind using an 0800 number is to provide the customer with a totally free way to call the b...

26th November 2009

Martin Yale 6120 Electric Collator Review

Martin Yale's 6120 is a high-speed 12-station electric collator that works well in helping the user collate documents such as bulletins, reports, newsletters, multi-page contracts, and presentations. The 6120 works at a speed of around 21-twelve page sets...

06th July 2009

Virtual PBX for Windows Mobile 6 SIP

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a telephony system used within an organization that runs on a server and is accessible and compatible with the LAN (Local Area Network). Typically, within a PBX, the company has allotted, purchased, or leased a series o...

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