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26th September 2011

Cool Jewelry At Great Prices And All Unique

It is always the way that most of us want to wear something that will be admired by all who see us. This could include our outfits of course, but when we wear some artisan jewelry, it is this that really sets us apart from the crowd. Anyone who has ever...

16th September 2010

Collecting Vintage Perfume Bottles: The History of Perfume

Collecting Vintage Perfume Bottles: The History of Perfume Bottles The History and Evolution of Perfume Bottles (courtesy of Perfume Bottles in Ancient Times The enticing scent of the perfect perfume and ...

21st January 2010

Harappa's Civilization

Archaeologists discovered two 4000 year old cities lying 400 meters away from each other on the bank of the River Indus. Harappa is one of the largest and most important cities of the Indus Civilization. It is one of the best known sites in Pakistan and i...

01st June 2009

All about Gemstones and Jewelry

Gemstones are used for a variety of purposes. semi-precious stone beads come in different shapes, sizes, color, and clarity. The stones are classified into different groups. Semi precious stones if properly cut and polished become into beautiful gems and ...

01st May 2009

The Indian Handicrafts

The tradition and culture of a particular place is reflected by its handicrafts items. It carries tales of ancient times of the kings and queens, and tells stories of its heritage. Wooden handicrafts like carved figures, painted figure, chess board, anima...

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