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18th April 2011

It's Not About Jobs

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis With government reported unemployment hovering around nine percent and the real unemployment rate much higher, those with constituencies to please are talking off a script intent to create jobs. Along a commuter route...

17th March 2011

Bright Bold Colors And Beautiful Designs Make Cinco De Mayo Theme Party Invitations Truly Festive

Cinco de Mayo is filled with lively fun, just as any Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Invitations should be. Many Cinco de Mayo Theme Party Invitations bear the colors of the rainbow, sometimes expressed in stripes or artsy flourishes. The hues of...

02nd March 2011

What is a Ketubah? And Other Answers to Jewish Art Questions

For many new to Judaism, there may be some basic terminology to explain. In order to help you appreciate Judaism , let's examine the symbolism and culture of Jewish art. The motifs in much of Jewish art are heavy with meaning and can help you understand...

07th February 2011

Why To Choose India For Cosmetic Surgery

Getting plastic surgery overseas can be risky and dangerous option if you don't do your research properly. There are many horror stories about people going overseas to have plastic surgery and then having to go back to their home country to 'fix' their su...

02nd September 2010

The Trilogy andthensome by Dan and Dave Buck Revealed (Free Download)

Just a few years ago, Dan & Dave Buck set the magic world ablaze with release of their collection of tricks, flourishes, and everything else. It was entitled The Trilogy. Today, we prepare for the release of the FOURTH Trilogy DVD - andthensome. andthe...

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