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24th October 2011

Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Quick Mask

The recently introduced Photoshop CS5 has all the editing tools that can help even an apprentice. For a new comer, the best thing would be to first scroll through the entire apparatus and its offerings. Once familiarized with the structure, it begins to r...

17th November 2010

A Great Manicure At Home

If you want to get the most from your manicure, start with clean, healthy nails. Your hands are often dry and chapped from frequent washing and exposure to wind, sun, heat and cold. Your nails can suffer the same dried out damage that the rest of yo...

18th May 2010

Motorola Dext Vs Motorola Milestone – Milestone a finished version of the Dext

While everyone was certain Motorola was history when it comes to mobile Phone manufacturing, the company resurfaced out of nowhere with the release of their Motorola Dext, which is a social media optimized phone with slide out Qwerty keyboard. Soon after ...

20th April 2010

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 5 – Simply Amazing!

The much-awaited Adobe CS5 with its cutting-edge innovation has finally hit the markets. Also known as the Photoshop CS5, White Rabbit, and Photoshop 12, it boasts of a unique combination of speed and precision. After the "JDI" ("Just Do It") program of A...

15th December 2009

Care to Get Lucky? State Of the Art Smiles

It is hard to believe that bonding and veneers- which have been around for almost 30 years! With advancements in technology and care, you are lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Here's another reason to feel fortunate! Lucky people smile tw...

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