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21st July 2011

High Net Worth Clients, NY Divorce Law Software —and the Recession

As a divorce lawyer in New York, your clientele is likely pretty diverse. Your clients span a range of income brackets. We're guessing a few of yours clients might be of high net worth. These are people who have remained staggeringly wealthy—even througho...

23rd May 2011

Avoid IRS Collections! Get IRS Help Against the Nearly Unbearable IRS Tax Weapons

Obtain Internal Income Services Assistance to End Internal Revenue Service Collections: If you take place to owe the IRS 1000s of bucks in back taxes, the 1st time you're likely heading to hear from this is in letters sent by certified postal mail. Your i...

19th January 2011

Hermosa Beach's Green Idea House

I just met with Fred Koch the other day for a cup of java. We were at a local hang-out on the Pacific Coast Highway, Patrick's Roadhouse, and talking about one of the most important areas of green living: our homes. We're both California natives. I th...

20th May 2010

Help Your Lawyer Help You With Your Divorce: 5 Tips

Copyright (c) 2010 Lucille Uttermohlen Your lawyer should be prepared for your case. She should know what documents are important, and generally what questions each witness needs to answer. However, it is equally important for you to know your own bu...

24th March 2010

Why You Should Open Savings Accounts For Children

As parents it is our responsibility to care for the needs of our children. We usually think of things like providing them with food, clothes, a warm safe place to live and an education. One thing that often gets overlooked though is helping them learn h...

29th July 2009

Savings Accounts For Children Teach Your Kids Important Lifes Skills

Most of us were intimidated of banks as children ' these places always seemed to be abuzz with a lot of frenetic activity with serious-faced people milling about all over the place. For many of us, it must have taken some amount of learning and training t...

13th June 2009

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning - Importance of Controlling Your Income Investors

By kinal in Taxes
Here is a checklist of different types of income, as specifically applicable to the category of taxpayer known as Investors. The other categories - Employees, Small Business Owners & the Self-Employed and Retirees - will be discussed in future articles. ...

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