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15th August 2011

Hair Transplant Cost In India And Options and Procedures

Hair Transplant Surgery has come a long way in the past two decades as the new additions and refinements in this specific form of surgery for the balding heads, has taken it to new heights. Baldness in most men is caused by genetic predisposition. Most ...

21st June 2011

Quick Ways To Add Volume & Shine Back Into Your Hair

Everyday we see men and women in advertisements with perfect, beautiful, shiny, voluminous hair. So is it so bad to want our hair to look just like that? Unlike these models, singers, and movie stars we don’t have a team of stylists working on our hair da...

17th June 2011

Hair removal for men – Laser Treatments VS Waxing

In terms of hair removal men have come a long way since the days of Tom Selleck's infamous button down shirts. In today's very modern and liberal age, it's not just women who wanted to get rid of body hair. Today, men are as fanatical about their appearan...

17th February 2011

Three Important Things to Learn About Flat Iron Hair Styling

Hair styling is a very important process that can improve your appearance easily. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your hair healthy and beautiful. There are also a lot of tips that are showing you how to style your hair. Today, I will be...

21st January 2011

Unveiling the Secret to Wig Popularity

Wig selling is viewed as one of the most prestigious trade of all time. Wig makers spend hours treating hair strand materials and weaving them to form a wig that could likely change a person’s appearance. Given the many benefits that one can get from wear...

27th April 2010

On Finding the Best Straightener for You

Straightener is a must for every woman of today! With a huge desire to have long and straight silky hair, more and more women are relying in flat irons to achieve this look in an instant. What with all the stress and microorganisms that affect the growth ...

11th November 2009

Make your hair rich and lustrous with pureology hair care

Pureology specializes in providing complete range of hair care products that really cares for your hair. Using fine quality conditioners, shampoos and hair products on your looks is of extreme important in order to exhibit glossy and healthy hair. Today i...

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