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30th March 2011

Interior Doors for Finishing Touches of the House

Doors speak much of a home. You have a vast array of choices with the kinds of doors to put on your homes. You have to be familiar with the different types to know which among the choices would suit best for you and your family’s needs. There are several ...

18th March 2011

Sliding Door Blinds - Add Style And Elegance To You Sliding Doors

When looking for sliding door blinds, we may find a wide variety including blinds for patio sliding doors. We can find these in vertical, horizontal and blackout curtains or drape types, in a wide range of materials, colors and textures which will complem...

10th February 2010

Keep Your Child Safe from Death or Injury with Window Guards and Stops

Expectant parents begin preparations for baby's arrival months in advance with purchases of baby clothing, baby equipment, etc. Babyproofing thoughts or actions begin as well. Breakables are put up high, cabinet locks are purchased if not installed, etc. ...

22nd October 2009

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Being green isn't rocket science, follow our top tips below and help protect our world and your wallet. 1. Did you know that your fridge wastes at least 30 kilo watts per hour of energy every month. This is because every time you open the door all tha...

18th July 2009

How To Make Your Entrance Door Speak Volume About Your House?

The home's entrance door is the most appealing factor about it. It says a lot about the home external style and design. While door design is important, it is also important to look into factors such door material durability ad strength so that entrance do...

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