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22nd September 2011


Artists working for other artists is all about knowing, learning, unlearning, initiating long-term artistic dialogues, making connections, creating covens and getting temporary shelter from the storm. These mentorships and collaborations end up helping sh...

06th December 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Photography

Advantages Lesser cost One of the advantages that digital cameras provide is the fact that it is largely practical and convenient. There is lesser cost in the long run as one need not buy films anymore and will need not develop the pictures the ol...

15th February 2010

The Alcatel 303 now comes in a new colour variant

The Alcatel 303 is a stylish handset that is in some ways bereft of advanced technology. However its purpose is not to be the most technologically advanced handset on the market, but in fact to offer an affordable handset. This style of handset is commonl...

05th February 2010

The Alcatel S363 offers expressive functionality encased within a flip phone

The Alcatel S363 is an impressive mobile phone, which is in the style of a flip phone. Incorporating a modicum of functionality, encased within a stylish casing, this handset has proved popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is its eminent afforda...

27th January 2010

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

For some, a weekly or monthly trip to the grocery store is a daunting task. In between picking and choosing the foods and various sundry items you need, you try and find ways to make it easier on the wallet. While some grocery stores offer special shopper...

05th January 2010

The Alcatel 708 is a colourful and expressive handset

The Alcatel 708 is a relatively new handset introduced by Alcatel. Also known as the one touch mini or OT-708, the phone represents a funky yet endearing style. Affordability is key with this handset and Alcatel have been careful to ensure that ultimately...

18th August 2009

The Nokia 2323 Classic offers excellent functionality at a budget price

Nokia offer a huge range of mobile phones. Their ethos seems to be to try to offer a phone for every person and situation available. From budget phones such as the Nokia 1661 through to their high specification phones such as the recently released N97. Th...

05th April 2009

The changing face of Symbian - 2009's big contenders

If you like touchscreen phones, you should be excited; the two biggest phone makers have announced not one, not two, but THREE mobile phones: the svelte Nokia 5800, the powerful Nokia N97, and from Sweden, the awesome Sony Ericsson Idou. Nokia's early a...

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