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19th September 2011

High quality canvas photo

High quality canvas photo prints is the main key to having the ultimate product in the printing market today. Making sure that the canvas prints you buy have the correct materials and the correct way to apply them is the most important element. Choosin...

04th April 2011

Getting Ready For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is like making a stage show. When it comes to wedding pictures the brides will normally hire professional photographers. Most photographers are busy during the peak bridal months of June, July, August and December so be sure you book th...

15th February 2011

Strategies to Help Your Design the Perfect Art Display

These suggestions are guidelines that interior designers use, but they can also be thrown out if you find something else that works for you. Finding the most effective method of displaying the piece for maximum appreciation is the ultimate goal for any de...

05th February 2011

Qualities of a Competent Photographer

Today, many people, both young and old, own a camera. Many people also think that they can be called photographers just because they know how to work a camera’s features. The thing is, there are decent photos, and there are amazing photos. An amazing, mem...

09th September 2010

How to Choose Best Stock Footage?

You want to make a short film but do not have enough video clippings to complete the project. You should then opt for loyalty free stock video footage. Read this article to find out how stock footage is of great help and how to choose them, in order to ge...

19th February 2010

Digital Photography Tips 101

With ever cheaper digital cameras being available and ever cheaper printing and photo processing also now commonplace there really is no better time to pick up a camera and start shooting. So, what are the basics you need to master to ensure your initial...

16th February 2010

The best lighting for photography

The best lighting for photography on nearly all occasions is natural light. However, there will be times when daylight needs to be supplemented or you need to provide all the light yourself. The most convenient and readily available source of supplementar...

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