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06th April 2011

Solar Energy Now And Forever

At the height of the Industrial Revolution, during times when the supply of fossil fuels (i.e. oil and coal) were seemingly endless, there were a few people who were concerned about the future of the nation once these non-renewable sources have finally be...

17th November 2010

Mother Russia Listens to Mother Nature

The Russian government approved a 221 million Euro energy efficiency programme in October 2010. The programme will try to address the efficiency of factories and how the buildings are run. Russia has finally developed a growing consensus that climate chan...

17th May 2010

Power Efficient Systems Showcase their Power Factor Correction products at the North West Energy For

PES showcased their energy saving products and service at the North West Energy Forum annual conference held at the Crown Plaza Liverpool. In partnership with Envirolink, the event was a huge success and enabled PES to demonstrate EnergyAce the highly ...

12th April 2010

Low-chem, Biopesticides can help Protect the Land and produce Healthier Food

Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers Looming and possibly irreversible climate change and the global economic crisis have focused attention for the last couple of years. Among many things identified in groping for solutions is the need to produce food ...

07th January 2010

VoIP Growth In 2010

All of the large telecommunication companies use IP to carry their long distance telephone traffic through a host of conference call providers - so in a way, we all use VoIP whether we know it or not! VOIP is the cost effective solution to getting a handl...

23rd September 2009

Evance ISKRA R9000

Harnessing energy through wind turbines: The environmental impact of resource depletion calls for more intelligent ways of converting renewable sources into useful energy. People have been harnessing the power of the wind for many centuries and the bi...

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