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11th October 2011

Tipping at the Hair Salon: Reward or Revenge?

A suggestion is only intended for the individual who gave you the essential services. Despite the fact that it is legitimate that some salons have assistants who execute some portion of the all round expert services, it is even now a lot more prevalent to...

04th August 2011

Choosing a perfect wigs

More and more people use wigs nowadays other than the stars. Just like the bag, pump and clothes, wigs turn into a new fashion variety. Just before you choose a wigs you should know certain things clearly. One is how many different types of wigs could...

16th June 2011

My point: Features of GHD NZ

Every girl or woman has power to beauty herself, and I have used ghd hair straighteners nzfor some years. The ghd hair straightener is a path to achieve optimum performance wherever you travel with universal voltage. It also conveniently allows you to tur...

17th February 2011

Helping You Keep Your Bottle Cold - Stubbie Holder

It is a fact that today's business world has become a crowded little box for all players. It has become extremely difficult to think of new ideas to promote and build your business. Maybe, you have been thinking of means on how you can promote your busin...

11th February 2011

FAQ on how to maintain wigs

As wigs and hairpieces are more and more popular today, many people choose to wear wigs & hairpieces. Advantages thereof lie in that they are vivid and of good decoration effect; they are easy to tidy; and people can try various totally different hairstyl...

09th July 2010

Love Jewelry? Time to surprise yourself with online fashion boutique

Women love jewelry; no one denies this fact and this love for jewelry is not a new fashion trend; since time immemorial women have shown fascination for jewelry. Diamonds, for example, are said to be a woman's best friend. Conventionally, women would buy ...

29th January 2010

Samsung B5310 Renamed by Vodafone as Samsung Genio Slide

Vodafone have now secured the exclusive release of the Samsung B5310 usually referred to as the Samsung Genio Pro, however the network has decided to rebrand this latest touch screen and Qwerty phone after winning the exclusive rights to launch under the ...

09th December 2009

A Great day, A Great Tiffany ring

Everybody in this world knows it clearly that what a vital role engagement rings play in one's lifetime. Therefore, it's absolutely not a small thing to select the most suitable engagement rings when that big day approaches. As there are now so many bra...

01st July 2009

Top Clip-On Earring Styles

Every season new fashion forward styles and trends are emerging in the world of jewelry and accessories. So we're happy to report that clip-on earrings have finally caught up and currently have some must-have styles that every fashionista simply must try....

21st June 2009

Hair Removal – A Major Concern of Men and Women

Today the practice of hair removal is one of the major concerns not only for the majority of women but also for men. The hair removal has become a kind of welfare for the body with one goal - to get a smoother skin. In the current trend with the set of su...

14th May 2009

Making Sense of the Eccentrically Innovative Styles of Lady GaGa

By G J in Beauty
Not only does Lady GaGa amaze audiences every time she sings, but she also makes sure that she shocks and entertains with her outlandish style statements. From fashionistas to fashion police, nobody can stop going GaGa when it comes to discussing the mult...

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