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30th March 2009

Learn To Create Your Own Electricity Dirt Cheap Within A Weekend

Get your home running on free renewable energy. You need some basic equipment and you'll be up and running your very own solar power system in no time. With electricity prices soaring there's no wonder moving to solar power is a huge trend. And the ...

27th March 2009

2 Days And A Serious Tutorial For You To Create Your Own Electricity Dirt Cheap

Solar energy is here. You can join the thousands already enjoying free electricity if you have a free weekend , a screwdriver and the willingness to learn how. With more people concerned about the environment and electricity bills that just keep rising...

27th March 2009

Bored? Try online gaming

There are just days when you're itching for something to do. Whether you're at work or at school, there are times when you have gaps between assignments and projects that you have unexpected free time on your hands. Somehow, you want something to pass the...

12th March 2009

Three Keys to Making Dynamite Presentations

Every day all across the country people make business presentations and many of them are less than wonderful. Some are downright awful. To put your presentations on a positive track, you need to follow four basic keys. 1--Think of your speech or presentat...

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