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16th November 2009

Hair conditioning for a great hair day

Think you are having a bad hair day? Maybe it's not a new hair style, maybe all your hair needs is some of its lost moisture. Hair conditioning helps moisturize your hair and make it shiny and hydrated. Regular shampooing can cause dryness and aggravate d...

15th November 2009

The Sony Bravia KDL37W5500 TV Our Review

One of the latest products to come from Sony, the Sony KDL37W5500 is a midrange LCD flat panel tv which certainly does not disappoint in any respect. While you have to expect to pay quite a lot of money for televisions of this quality, you certainly do ge...

16th September 2009

Final Fantasy VII - Game Secrets

Final Fantasy 7 is a popular game that was released for the Sony Playstation. It was the first game in the Final Fantasy series to be made in full 3D and was comprised of three Playstation game discs. Still immensely popular today, the game contains many ...

18th August 2009

district-9 review - great movies

We first talk about the film's introduction ,DISTRICT 9 depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa. An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly find a kindred spirit in a...

03rd August 2009

Effective Business Communication Solutions – Video Conferencing

There are a lot of businesses which require the companies to hold overseas meetings with their clients. In such a scenario that the company head is not able to go down to meet the client in another location, video conferencing comes in handy. It is a very...

15th June 2009

what if ny socialite derek blasberg lost his writing job

What if NY socialite Derek Blasberg lost his writing job, his home, his socialite friends? Would anyone in New York come to his side and help him out? If you are reading this article, chances are that you know derek blasberg or you are just interested ...

07th May 2009

fun Surveys and Quizzes for You and Your Friends

A survey or quiz is one of the easiest ways to determine what another person believes. And it is better yet when you can use a fun survey or quiz to send to your friends! The questions allow you the opportunity to really reflect on what you think and ...

11th March 2009

Shoppers Secret: How To Negotiate In a Recession And Save More

Shoppers secret tips on how to negotiate in good economic times is a valuable skill any smart person who wants to save money should have. But in a deep recession like this country is experiencing now having negotiation skills can make the difference betw...

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