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20th October 2009

Blanket Chests-Best Versatile Furniture

Blanket chests have been making a come back as the furniture of choice in American households. This versatile furniture can be placed in all areas of your home with great results in adding that warming, welcome-home touch. Many people would be aski...

29th August 2009

Barack Obama Destroys the Great Lakes

Why is it so easy to find fault in others but so impossible to see it in ourselves? Jesus Christ the Jewish born Rabbi and Messiah of Christianity and Islam, said, "Judge not lest you be judged by the same standards by which you judge others." Michael...

16th August 2009

When you transfer your films in 8mm to DVD in New York, ensuring that memories will live on

Are you worried about preserving your family's memories? If you've taken 8mm videos of your family, documenting special occasions, then you most likely want these precious moments to live forever. There are special moments in life, like your child's firs...

01st July 2009

A Case Study of Energy Efficient Business and Green Practices

Interview: Green Initiatives and Energy Conservation in a Modern Atlanta Datacenter Author: Jeff Hinkle of Global Net Access (AtlantaNAP) The ‘Green Initiative' has become a critical focal point for data centers around the world due to the h...

13th May 2009

Industrial Environmental Compliance Laws | Industrial Waste Treatment

As industrial technology continues to grow and benefit our lives, it important to simultaneously recognise and remedy the impact that the technology in question has on the environment. Any process that leads to the creation of a product or a service also ...

07th May 2009

Garden Spot Village | Happy and Fulfilling Lives

In the beautiful area of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Garden Spot Village is a wonderful haven for senior citizens who want to make the most of their retirement years. Based on a concept of faith, joy and respect, this non-profit retirement village has...

27th March 2009

Clean Energy

Climate change is Mother natures way of crying out for help. It is an issue that requires attention immediately. We need global leaders prepared to race people (and our precious taxes) towards sustainable energy supplies and living systems. Renewable e...

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