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01st May 2009

GHD the advancement in hair straightening technology

These days the advancement in science and technology has made radical improvements in almost every field. With the advent of new techniques there came a remarkable progress in the field of hair straightening technology also. And our very own GHD hair stra...

23rd April 2009

Some facts about CHI products

Are you fed up with your unmanageable curly hairs? It is long since men first tried to fight with this problem. Now the development of science and technology has risen to such an extent that it has become a child's play to manage or straighten your hair. ...

15th April 2009

CHI hair straightener – Use it to believe it

Owing to its versatility and easiness of use the CHI, hair straightener is mull over probably the most advanced manufactured goods of the kind on the market. In few words, it can be said that this is the first step to complete hair straightening. It is no...

05th April 2009

GHD Hair Straightening

GHD hair straightener is a surprising small styling tool! It is usually made out of black plastic, with two ceramic plates stuck to it. There's an on/off button on the inside, but it's safe because it gets extremely hot fast and there is not any heat tran...

01st April 2009

GHD IV Styler- Known for its versatility

Definitely it could be said that the different hair straighteners from GHD are worth every penny. It is an ideal styling tool for creating tight curls, flicks and waves as well as for the pin straight hair and works perfectly on any type of hair from shor...

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