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19th June 2009

CNN Headline of the Day: Share a Bonding Moment with Dad

The Arnolfi Portrait, by Jan van Eyck Eyck depicts how Father's Day is always a good day to let a man know he should begin preparing for Grandfather's Day (September 7th). Father: "The dog howls at your belly; you have removed your shoes for comfort...

14th May 2009

Get It All Together From The Table To The Floor

Prom is a time for elegancy and sophistication. It is a day of impressing your peers and showing just what a young lady you are or a young man you have become. Before this special day arrives, be sure you are ready. You will need to be organized and you n...

16th April 2009

Are You Ready For Prom - The Ultimate Checklist

Are you ready for the big day? Prom is an all-important event and everyone is anxious and yet excited about it. The problem is, all that excitement may cause you to forget a few things along the way. There are many item to remember for prom. The most impo...

09th April 2009

Canvas And Advantages Of Using Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are prints made from digital, still, turn slides or negatives on canvas. There are many reasons why this is done and there are advantages for doing so which include the fact that canvas prints can be made from different pictures to give good...

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