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27th October 2009

Color Parties

WHAT'S YOUR COLOR? Color Parties Launches Color Themed Parties To Benefit Charities NEW YORK CITY PRESS RELEASE ' September 23, 2009 ' Color Parties, Inc. today announces the Pink Party, the first of a series of color themed parties to benefit charity...

16th September 2009

Novelties Direct offers all the party supplies you need for your Halloween party

Planning a Halloween party can be a difficult task if you do not have a good source of supplies near you. Retail stores often have a only a few holiday items and charge much more than the item is really worth. So where can you go if you are not finding th...

10th September 2009

Choosing The Right Fancy Dress For A Memorable Night

Going to a costume-themed party is an exciting experience in life because you will get to wear a costume or fancy dress which characterizes your favorite superhero or fairy tale. Choosing the right fancy dress for the event will turn the experience a memo...

19th August 2009

A London Casting Photographer At Work!

Creating extraordinary portfolios of ordinary individuals is not simply a matter of few clicks. It takes a lot more behind the camera to capture those eye captivating photographs. This is reason enough for actors, both established and amateurs, to make si...

07th August 2009

Hiring Party Clowns For Your Little Ones' Birthday

There is no better way of making your child happy on his birthday party than hiring party clowns. You can make this birthday party truly a special one if you will hire birthday party clowns that would surely excite the little kids, not only with the clown...

15th June 2009

Top Three Rom-Cons of 1990s

Romantic comedies of the 1990s are very famous with audiences even now. The trail blazer was the ‘When Harry Met Sally' movie which inspired movie makers to come up with many such wonderful movies later on. Here is a list of the mushy-mushy rom-cons you...

10th June 2009

Make Your 30th Birthday the Best Ever With These Great Ideas

I was surprised while in the party supply store at the number of items geared toward a person turning 30 that joke about him being over the hill. In my opinion, if you're trying to tell someone they're old at 30, then you must really be hoping for him to ...

05th May 2009

Stage Props Online Guide

A full-blown Broadway musical is one thing. But a full-blown Broadway musical without stage props, just the actors and the actresses themselves, singing and dancing on stage, that's something else. The idea of a stage play without any stage prop is cr...

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