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22nd June 2011

Metro Detroiters Help Homeless Veterans

Daniel Rudolph held still as Doris Williams cut his hair and gave him a close shave. Rudolph, a 49-year-old homeless veteran of the U.S. Army, smiled as Williams touched up his salt-and-pepper locks."Without opportunities like this I would look like a vag...

13th June 2011

The Position of Mitigation Financial institutions for Stream Credits and Wetland Credits

How significantly credit score a mitigation financial institution has is first evaluated by an environmental expert according to the Corps of Engineers technical standards then finally reviewed and accredited by a crew of Mitigation Financial institution ...

25th March 2010

One Tree Hill Season 8

One Tree Hill, "the little show that could" (Mark Schwahn), has graced our television screens since September 23 2003. In its early years, OTH struggled with ratings but managed to garner a large, strong and devoted fanbase. Viewers fell in love with; the...

29th December 2009 Reports Yemen strikes al-Qaida chiefs in US-backed assault

Yemen's military hit suspected al-Qaida hideouts Thursday and targeted a gathering of top militant leaders, possibly killing a radical cleric linked to the U.S. Army major accused of the Fort Hood mass shooting, in strikes carried out with U.S. intelligen...

30th June 2009

KDH wins $6 Million Nape Pad Insert Contract and Opens New North Carolina Facility

KDH Defense Systems, Inc., a leading body armor manufacturer for the Department of Defense, announced today the award of a sub-contract with the Industries of the Blind, Inc. in support of the U.S. Army's Universal Nape Pad procurement. KDH Defense Syste...

26th June 2009

Do as I say, not as I do

Remember when leaders would actually lead? When leaders led by example? When a leader would say "follow me" and then actually lead the way into the unknown; assuming all the risks being asked of everyone else? When it was anathema to ask a person to do wh...

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