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07th December 2011

What can you do to reduce global warming

Being a poor man or woman does not mean that you cannot reduce global warming. It is not something that cannot be dealt with as all it requires is a bit of effort and a fair amount of dedication. Each and every day a poor man or woman strives hard to ...

11th August 2009

A Wind Turbine Tower Murphy Built

My poor husband has all the manual dexterity of Gumby, and he commands all the mechanical aptitude of Bullwinkle. He is a genius. He "gets it," and he can explain it better than your ordinary six-pack of designers and engineers, but he cannot ma...

08th May 2009

A Tearful Father-Daughter Reunion was Just a Cell Phone Lookup Away

Wow, have you heard the recent news story about the father and daughter who were reunited after 27 years? That is so sad and yet so happy and inspirational. The girl's mother took her for a quick family visit to Ecuador and never returned. The father was ...

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