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16th March 2011

Cell Phone Fallen in Water? Here Is What You Should Do

We have our mobile phones on us all through the day, and there are many instances in a day where the cell phone is exposed to dangerous situations. Like all electronic devices, cells need to be kept away from water, places that are radioactive, and some p...

08th January 2010

Dealing With Toxic Cleanup

Dealing with a crisis that has created a risk for exposure to a toxic situation is one of the most serious situations a homeowner may have to face. Not only could the exposure damage their home, it could hurt or sicken members of their family. The most ...

08th January 2010

What to Do If An Emergency Strikes

Those who have experienced disaster in their homes and places of business understand that the first few minutes of response are critical. If the appropriate measures are taken in the immediate moments following an emergency, it can ensure the safety and w...

29th December 2009

Child Identification Aids in Finding Family Members

Having proper child identification is another piece of advice that any law enforcement official will recommend. The FBI has reported more frequent statistics of lost children, averaging 2000 reports per day. Crimes against children are on the rise, and ...

31st August 2009

The Value of Teaching Young Children Through Books

Nothing is ever so important as spending time with your children. After your children get to teen age they are more independent and spend increasing time away from you. Take of advantage of the early years to spend time teaching young children through boo...

12th May 2009

All-time Favorites – The 3 Super Hero’s

Movie heroes are usually based on human characters. But, there are a bunch of comic book heroes who are famous for their heroic acts and charming looks. Batman, Superman and Spiderman are comic book heroes who have graced the silver screen for a long ti...

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