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10th October 2011

Choosing The Right Party Theme

Choosing a theme is probably the most important decision you'll make while planning a party. A perfect theme not only sets tone to celebrate the event but also makes it easy to plan for the party. It determines the overall look and feel of the event. T...

28th March 2011

Micro Communities and Word Press

Micro Communities and Word Press If you have a need for short-term internet communications, you might consider what is termed a micro community model for your WordPress site. Way use a micro community is super affective at short period of time and allowin...

23rd February 2011

Loving The Raw Life

By Jinjee in Diet
I LOVE food! My Father was a Hungarian-Jew and raised me on rich deli food. I teethed on Hungarian sausage, fattened on cold cuts, cheeses, Westfalian ham, lox, cream cheese, Swiss chocolate and German nougat! When I was 15 I started my battle with weight...

31st May 2010

Suspension of Disbelief: The Incredible Hulk

I was engaged in my favorite TV activity the other day, furious zapping, and I stumbled upon some interesting choices. I settled for Aliens and The Incredible Hulk, respectively, one of my favorite all-time classic and one that I like a lot. The common th...

19th May 2010

When tragedy strikes

If you're open to spiritual advice after a tragic loss you just might be shocked by what you find. In the days after May 11, 2006 our family was in a state if disbelief and shock. The community had come out in massive support. The city was turned upside d...

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