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21st March 2011

Skincare Products from the Dead Sea

Taking care of the skin naturally is very important. Its a good thing that you can find lots of alternatives in the market that can help you achieve healthier and smoother skin. The most effective skincare and cosmetics products contain ingredients that ...

04th August 2010

An exemplary example of Community based health care – RGMVP

RGMVP works in an area of Uttar Pradesh that has some of the lowest Human Development Indices in the country. There is lack of health education, prevalence of chronic diseases like tuberculosis, diarrhoea, etc, and reproductive health problems such as hig...

29th December 2009

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Clean air is healthy air. However, according to the EPA the air within your home may be more hazardous than the car fumes, smoke, and pollution that you breathe in on a daily basis outside your home. People who are exposed to this type of air pollution, p...

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