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29th October 2012

QuickBooks 2013 - Simplified, Optimized, Efficient

If I had to summarize the changes I see in QuickBooks Pro and Premier, I would say the changes are designed to make it easier and faster to get your work done. They gave QuickBooks a new look, but don't panic. It won't take you long to see that the Home ...

14th July 2011

Easy Ways To Save The Planet

Being eco-friendly is probably a lot easier and less painful than it seems. In celebration of Earth Month, it might be time to take a few minutes to consider a switch to more eco-friendly thinking and acting. Here are 5 free and easy ways to get you on ...

17th August 2010

How to Make Sprint Ringtones

Everyone who has a Sprint cell phone enjoys the fun and the challenge of making their cell phone unique. This is true regardless of what cell phone service provider is assigned on the phone. This is true for everyone on the Sprint cell phone network. One ...

10th February 2010

Keep Your Child Safe from Death or Injury with Window Guards and Stops

Expectant parents begin preparations for baby's arrival months in advance with purchases of baby clothing, baby equipment, etc. Babyproofing thoughts or actions begin as well. Breakables are put up high, cabinet locks are purchased if not installed, etc. ...

06th January 2010

Tips and Advice for Saving Energy at Work

Saving energy is an area that many people are concerned about, the Government particularly so which is why they have pledged to cut carbon emissions by up to 50% by 2020. With this in mind it is useful to know what practical steps you can do whilst in the...

05th January 2010

Master of Light: Conversation with Contemporary Bollywood Cinematographer – Rajeev Jain ICS WICA

Master of Light: Conversation with Contemporary Bollywood Cinematographer - Rajeev Jain ICS WICA Rajiv Jain - Indian Cinematographer / DOP - The Complete Interviews, Vol. I The Shape of Light - Rajiv Jain Paints with His Camera Rajeev Jain (Born: 196...

11th December 2009

Palm Pre - Offering completely a new system

Palm Pre is rated as latest handset from Palm Inc. Innovative advancement offered by this handset is Card System. It allows users to view all the open windows by just pressing the key located at the bottom. Available options are either using the open win...

12th June 2009

Lowering Necessary Expenses to Improve Your Lifestyle

As living costs (along with seemingly every other cost these days) continue to climb, many people are finding their budgets getting tighter and tighter, and are looking for ways to cut their necessary costs each month. Things like electricity, rent and gr...

14th May 2009

Binoculars – Look Larger and Closer

For those who love to explore, binoculars can be real assets. Binoculars open windows to the magnificent details of wild life and nature. But buying binoculars can be a tough challenge to crack with all the staggering technicalities you do not intend to l...

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