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27th June 2011

Need To Know How To Go About Getting A Divorce?

The main part of getting a divorce is understanding the mental and emotional impact on each member of the family. Search your heart and mind for the effects of the family breakup on the kids, you, and your ex. Then, write it down to clarify, revert back...

13th May 2011

Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Searching for a truly unique and special way to celebrate your mom on mother's day this year? Here are some tips for the most special ways to honor this most special person in your life. Go Big She's been there for you through thick and thin, taken...

31st March 2011

Your New Year’s Resolution: Track Finances and Pay Off Debt

Better budgeting contributed to Americans paying off nearly $1 trillion in debt over the past two years, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. “This is good news for the nation’s long-term economy as it shows that Americ...

13th January 2011

What Is Behind The Face Of This True Artist?

Music and art are normally synonymous for this artist. He was used having a house that has singing and painting all the time. He was astonished to learn that in school not everyone was into singing or drawing. Music has now been his life after putting art...

13th January 2011

Being Both A Painter And A Musician

Art and music always go together for this one artist. He was used having a house that has singing and painting all the time. As he went to school he then learned that not all the children had a knack for drawing or singing. Music has now been his life aft...

14th April 2010

Laurence Koenig – Paintings That Gives Wonderful Feeling

Paintings have always attracted everyone, due to its speechless color that depicts its topic. It is really crucial to have knowledge about different shades of paintings. But the most important thing that matter is about the finely done brush strokes. Well...

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