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07th January 2011

Climate Of Lagos

The city experiences different kinds of climatic conditions and has a modified type of equatorial climate. It depends from season to season which decides that whether the climatic conditions will be hot and humid or mild and cold. Normally the hottest sea...

01st February 2010

Olympic Pandas Set up New Home in Guilin

2 Olympic Pandas, called Meixin and Fengyi, set up their new home in Guilin, one of world most beautiful cities, in Southwestern China on December 28th, 2009. Meixin and Fengyi are two of the 8 pandas which had been displayed in Beijing during the 29th...

28th January 2010

The Informative Spain News

Spain is a beautiful place comprising of many important cities and places. The climate is very differentiating. The major climatic differences can be found amongst the cities of Spain. People are often keen as to the latest and current happenings in Spain...

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