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13th April 2011

Make Super Cheap Seed Starters

If you want to start your plants indoors weeks before you can put them into the ground, soil blocks is the way to go. They have many advantages, but the main one is that soil blocks GREATLY reduce transplant shock, leaving you with more survivors in your ...

29th March 2011

Xyron Creatopia: A Scrapbooker's Delight

If you or someone you know is a scrapbooker or does a lot of paper crafting, you should really check out the Xyron Creatopia Laminator. This versatile machine offers easy switching between multiple components for an all in one device sure to thrill any sc...

27th January 2011

What Frugal Clothes to Invest On for Your Wardrobe

You donít have to keep buying new clothes every time, and waste precious money when you can avoid it. Invest in outfits that will last you for how many occasions and the only difference youíll see is how big you have saved on it. And if you have to get a ...

09th June 2010

How To Cut Your Own Hair?

If you are feeling adventurous, or only searching for a way to save a few bucks each month, an option you may have debated doing is cutting your own hair. With the cost of Beauty Shops rising, you can find that you're now paying up to $200 to get your ha...

15th December 2009

Reviewing the Dahle Personal Trimmer Kit

Whether you work in an office or are a creative type, a rotary trimmer can be a big help. Without a rotary trimmer (also known as a rolling trimmer), it can be difficult to get a totally straight cut and not run the risk of injuring yourself. After all, u...

09th December 2009

Confetti Paper Shredder or Straightcut Paper Shredder

It is no top secret that identity theft and confidential information falling into the hands of the competitor is one of the biggest issues facing people such as you and businesses these days. The identity thief is looking for a straightforward means to ...

25th November 2009

Martin Yale 700E Paper Cutter Review

A commercial-quality paper cutter, the Martin Yale 700E is meant to be used in smaller print shops or in-house production floors for medium to large businesses. Here we take a look at the 700E's features, and give you our assessment of its strengths and w...

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