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27th October 2010

Insights into Broadband and related charges

The UK government and Ofcom are doing their level best to ensure broadband customers do get the best deal while they should be able to ensure that are not overpaying for the services or availing less services. When availing the broadband connections, ...

05th August 2010

Cost Effective plans for Broadband, TV and phone calls

The following Guide helps you to save in communication industry: Mobile Phones - The Ofcom's website gives details about the network having good coverage. Make wise decisions regarding phone contract deals from pay as you go and co...

18th February 2010

iPhone on Orange

Orange UK and Apple reached an agreement to bring iPhone 3GS and 3G models to Orange UK customers. Orange globally now offers iPhone in 28 countries and territories. According to a recent Ofcom report, Orange has the largest 3G network in the UK. The ...

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