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05th January 2012

What Do You When You're on the Hunt for a Classic Film and Can't Find It Anywhere?

Lots of people love action movies because things blow up in them or people go chasing madly after deadly storms or get sucked into alien vortexes never to return again to earth in the same form in which they left. Ah, but given the choice of the latest H...

23rd May 2011

Phone Words Can Significantly Impact Your Business In A Good Way

These days, businesses that are steamrolling over their competition are doing so with 1800 phone words. Commonly known as vanity numbers in the United States, a word that is attached to a 1800 number offers you a powerful branding and marketing tool rolle...

12th May 2011

Benefits of commuting via public transport

As the population continues to grow in the UK, the number of people caught in rush hour traffic every weekday continues to increase as well. Millions of hours are wasted every day sat idly on British motorways and A roads listening to the radio. The gov...

22nd October 2009

7 Top Tips For Dating After a Divorce

I was driving north on 101 here near San Francisco recently on a Wednesday morning commute when I heard the DJs on the radio talking about some poor lady who was recently divorced who had been on her first date on Saturday night after being divorced for t...

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