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21st November 2011

5 Signs Of The Discovery Of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

There's no clear file as to who is actually accountable for the invention of plastic cosmetic surgery; nevertheless, cosmetic plastic surgery was utilized in India since 500 BC and evidence has been found of it in the Byzantine period, cosmetic surgery pr...

15th August 2011

Charity Organizations Can Help Amputees

There are thousands if not millions of amputees all over the world especially in countries ravaged by war. These people have their limbs amputated because of landmines or other war-related injuries. Disease is also another common cause for amputation espe...

07th March 2011

The Facts About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery facts show this could not be further from the truth. Plastic Surgery Facts for Customers to Take into accountThese identical plastic surgery facts show that 13.1 million procedures had been performed in 2010. This is up from five percent i...

22nd March 2010

Differences Between Diabetic Socks And Normal Socks

Diabetes is one of the most prominent lifestyle diseases today. Diabetes is of two types, i.e., type I and type II. Diabetes is a metabolic disease pertaining to the sugar levels in the blood stream of the patient. In both types of diabetes, the increased...

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