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30th July 2012

Beautiful Women and Freida Pinto

If only we were all born with the exotic, smoldering good looks of Freida Pinto, the beautiful Latika, in the Academy Award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Ms Pinto, a native Mumbian, dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. Her desire for fa...

04th July 2011

Stretchmarks: They are the lines that give us great unpleasantness at the beach

First, let's review what are stretch marks. The most basic explanation is they are scars that occur on the "inside" of the skin. A bit more scientific explanation is that the skin has different layers to it. The first layer is the epidermis followed by th...

09th June 2011

The Newest Innovation Within the Skin Care Industry Is the Incorporation of a Biological Serum Into

We are all familiar with them. They are the lines that give us great unpleasantness at the beach, out in public, with our friends, and with our loved ones. Stretch marks appear at the most inopportune times and in the most inopportune places. If there cou...

18th May 2011

Learn How to Remove Ingrown Hair Bumps Through the Newest Skin Care Development That Has Been Scient

To say the least, we all know that ingrown hairs are very unpleasant . Both men and women experience them from tweezing and shaving among other hair removal methods. For men, they usually show up on the beard area and the front part of the neck. For women...

17th November 2010

Acne Inversa: What is it?

After puberty, everyone go through the outbreak of acne at least once. Many folks believe the outbreak of acne is the most dreaded skin infection since it not only causes pain but in addition spoils our skin texture. But little do we know that there is ...

05th May 2010

Waxing Beauty

For centuries, women have tried in earnest to remove unwanted hair from their pubic area to look good in their swimwear. One of the most common ways is shaving. Shaving is great although it can leave your skin looking irritated with bumps and ingrown hair...

27th November 2009

Do Away With Sagginess And Enhance Your Contours!

Removal of excess body weight, is this easy? Are you contemplating on liposuction? You can work on your fatty tissues with the help of weight loss technique. It is a surgical technique that enhances your body contour and removes excess fat deposited betwe...

23rd September 2009

You've lost the Weight, Now What?

The Denver metro area has a fairly large population of people who are health-conscious. For many, that means trimming down, and that's a good thing. There are a couple of problems, however for those of us who are past our first bloom. We can lose the ...

29th May 2009

Which Body Lift Procedure is Right for You? - Cosmetic Surgery Information for Prospective Patients

In today's society many people have lost massive amounts of weight, but are left with an undesirable appearance due to excess skin. To achieve a more contoured appearance and improve their self-confidence many people undergo a body lift. There are several...

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