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17th June 2011

iPhone Repair Centers to Your Rescue

It functions as your scheduler, it is your birthday and anniversary reminder, it plays all your favorite tunes and playbacks your most viewed videos, it can even act as your digital camera or camcorder and ideal of all, it will maintain you connected to t...

14th June 2011

Critiquing The New Kodak PlaySport (Zx5) HD Waterproof Pocket Camera

Individuals enjoy taking video of their own extreme outdoor activities. As you most likely will not get into much trouble just taking a walk, this tends to work out well. On the other hand what if you want to take on something far more extreme? Let's say ...

09th December 2009

Selecting Gifts for Teens -2 of 3- Multimedia Gizmos for Teenagers

etting appropriate gifts for your teenaged kids could be a daunting task. Adults are usually so out of tune with teens that they feel like they live in a totally different world of their own. It is true that teens go through a phase in their lives when th...

12th November 2009

Making the Simple Animation Models

Make your models uncomplicated, simple and bold. Use primary colours. You don't need a lot of details and so forth. You only need two or three facial features to animate. Any more than that it becomes complex and expressions will be hard to emote to th...

04th September 2009

Avail the Best Camcorders at Discounted Prices

There are several occasions in our lives that we want to capture in our memories; like weddings, birthdays, piano recital of our daughter, and many more. They are just numerous. We often cannot avail the services of the professionals for financial reasons...

08th April 2009

JVC GR D720 Camcorder

Here is a camcorder for the no nonsense, basic domestic user with cool user friendly features and a compact handy design. The JVC GR D720 is easy to understand and operate giving a good quality of video capture. Design and Form One of the most conve...

24th March 2009

Best Digital Camera - Sony DSC T500 Digital Camera

If you are looking for a digital camera that doubles up for your camcorder also, the Sony DSC T500 digital camera is the perfect choice for you. The power packed digital camera is surprisingly loaded with high tech features of a camcorder as well. Sony's ...

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