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03rd June 2011

How Chemicals In Nail Polish Can Affect Your Nails Health

There are so many chemicals in nail polish; it is very often confusing to ascertain whether or not any of them are harmful. It is always best to check the ingredients in nail polish, but then what? Even if you do take the time to stand in the cosmetic...

05th November 2010

How To Apply A French Manicure

Applying a French manicure requires an eye for detail not everyone has the eye or the hands to do it. Spa and salon professionals are trained to apply the perfect coat on every hand and will ensure perfection every time. The French manicure will mak...

05th August 2010

How To Apply Nail Polish

Dark nail polish has always been one of the things of fashion that some people have taken to and others have not. As the winter season approaches, more and more people are veering toward darker shades of fingernail polish as a means of covering up their n...

06th January 2010

Simple Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful

By ali in Beauty
Only if you take proper care of your nails to look good. To keep nails healthy and well all the time you have to work hard on them. At home, you can use a nail file, which is available in different sizes, shapes and designs. To make your nails look bea...

18th December 2009

Introduction To Nail Care Techniques

" Don't use your nails on a job that can be done just as well with a pair of scissors, pliers or a hammer " Don't file nails when they are damp. " Don't cut cuticles " Don't wash clothes or dishes in very hot water " Don't bite or chew your...

02nd June 2009

Benefits of Using Nail Polish

Most females love to decorate their nails with nail polish in attempts to beautify their hands. What most females do not know is that there are actually benefits of using nail polish. Nail polish, along with other cosmetics, can make a woman feel beautif...

12th May 2009

Get Gorgeous: Beauty Cheats That Really Work

When you are running short of time or just want to find easier ways to do things. The idea of beauty cheats is nothing new but has become a more accepted way of achieving the same results than it has been in the past. One of the best cheats is that of cre...

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