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12th April 2011

Photo Canvas - A Special Way of Displaying Family Photos

Everyone has photos of their family and everyone has precious moments captured on film. You can have something utterly original in the form of photo canvas printing. What’s more, you have many more uses for photo canvas than you ever would with regular ph...

03rd March 2011

Simply A Blanket

A simple blanket represents many things to different people. To a woman a print blanket may represent warmth. Or it may be a fashion statement for her. A frequent traveler often finds comfort and security in their throw. To a toddler a small print bla...

30th September 2010

How to Take a Good Care and Storage Tips for Your Oil Painting

Oil painting like any other piece of art is so valuable. Having one genuine oil painting for display at home or in the office is a big thing that for some it will cause for a celebration. It may be an old oil canvas painting or a brand new oil portrait bu...

16th September 2010

Select the correct protective coat for the canvas photo

Canvas photos are made from digital photographs or scans. All that is required is a high resolution image of the subject of which the canvas photos are to be made. For an ever lasting picture the color should go deep into the fiber of the fabric. The long...

23rd May 2010

8 Reasons a Homemade Cookbook Makes a Great Gift

Searching for that perfect gift? A cookbook created by you fits the bill in so many ways. Here are some of the reasons why the gift of a cook book is worth the minimal time and effort it takes to put it together. 1. It's Useful. This has to be reason...

09th March 2010

Download Movie Justin Time DivX

Download Movie Justin Time Members of the Aztec community hunt down one of their own who has spirited away several important items including a disk that has the power to stop time (no, kiddies, it's not Peggle) and an amulet. Just as he is about to be ...

02nd October 2009


Photojournalism As a wedding and portrait photographer, many of my custom albums are sold to wedding clients. It's expected that a bride and groom will want a keepsake of their favorite wedding images to commemorate that special event in their life. Bu...

27th June 2009

Welcoming a New Baby with a Personalized Baby Gift

Is there anything as blessed as the arrival of a new baby? It is only natural to want to give a gift that is as special and memorable as this exciting time. One of the easiest ways to make a gift as special as the baby whose birth it celebrates is to choo...

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