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11th November 2010

Coalition government expects up to 100,000 parents to return to work!

The government has recently announced it expects up to 100,000 parents to return to work, when their child reaches 5 years old. Parents who do not abide by this rule will suffer a benefit reduction or removal. In some parenting communities this has caus...

10th August 2010

The Impact of spending cuts and tax rises on Families

It has been well documented that the British coalition government will be making many spending cuts and tax rises over the next months and years. Many of these will affect families, either directly or indirectly. JOB CUTS There will be a number of ...

03rd August 2010

Baby Goods and Toys – Brands Available

There are so many baby goods and toys on the market that any parent could be excused for feeling a little confused when it comes to purchasing things for their baby. The main thing to remember is to buy from quality brand names so that your baby goods wil...

26th January 2010

camping safe

IS IT SAFE TO TRAVEL FOR CAMPERS? I love to camp out in the great out doors like a lot of other people. It's nice to hike, sit around a big camp fire, fish and meet new people. To make sure my trip is a safe one I have a check list I work off of to m...

20th January 2010

Symmetrically Thin Mobile Sony Ericsson T707 Black

The clamshell stands as the company new signature fashion phone and has a unique outer shell that both hides an OLED for call and message notifications and lights up in different patterns depending on the caller. Basic gesture input also lets users finish...

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