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12th May 2011

Why Did A Tornado Ruin Greensburg Kansas

The ambiance darkened bringing a creepy chill of expectancy to the land. The tornado sirens sounded warning all residents to right away consider shelter. Concern dropped into my mind as I recognized that my daughter, son and their people have been in a ...

15th March 2011

A Person And The Perfect Breed

From one psychologist who deals with dogs came about a prescription for a box turtle to fulfill a poodle's maternal instincts. When it comes to his profession, he takes it seriously and so he wrote a book entitled understanding your dog. What this doctor ...

15th March 2011

Just Like Humans, Animals Have Personalities Too

In an effort to help a poodle fulfill its maternal instincts, a dog psychologist ended up prescribing a box turtle. One book he called understanding your dog was written because this psychologist really takes his work seriously. From this doctor who is no...

16th November 2010

When Breeds Indicate Dog Temperaments

It was a box turtle that a dog psychologist prescribed in order to help fulfill a poodle's maternal instincts. A book about understanding your dog was written by this psychologist for he takes his work seriously. According to the book of this doctor who i...

21st April 2010

Pig Story Review - 'Piggis Play Games' by Dave Donicci

'Piggis Play Games' is the first in a series of short stories written by Dave Donicci. Each story is about a family of pigs, known as Piggis, who live in a beautiful village called Piggi Paradise. There are eight members of the family; the mother, fat...

24th November 2009

Low-cost And Reasonably Priced Birthday Celebration Activities

Your child's birthday is very important here are some simple games you can play at a very affordable price. The first game which comes up is 20 questions. The questions you may ask might be on just about anything but if you like to render this special ...

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