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15th April 2011

Cell Phones For Seniors

Many people improperly assume that it's volts that destroy when it's really amplifiers that the eliminating. So a higher current surprise disturbs the normal nerve procedures of the attacker's mind as well as means they are cease targeting and play nice b...

18th February 2011

Roller Coaster Games to try out Online With Free Streaming

Roller Coaster Games that can be played Online For Free Many of us have perhaps been in the roller coaster or have been scared to get upon one or both of them at some point in our lifetimes. The adrenaline excitment involving touring in excessive rates...

17th August 2010

Iniesta was born in the year 1984, May 11th in Fuentealbilla which is situated in Spain. He is an ex

Iniesta was born in the year 1984, May 11th in Fuentealbilla which is situated in Spain. He is an excellent midfielder in the football game and he is playing his games for his home country Spain. He is currently playing many matches for Spanish football c...

03rd August 2010

Ideas on How to Boost Your Personal Self Defense

This article offers some beneficial tips for improving one's self defense protection and avoiding those situations that could place you in grave danger. It is important to take note that sometimes there is no need to fight and that fighting might even put...

04th June 2010

Your Mobile Phone Could be Spying on You

You might say you feel naked without your ever-reliable, multi-function smartphone. But do you know that just by having your mobile phone in the same room while you get dressed or share intimate moments with your partner, another person halfway across the...

15th April 2010

Diet Plan - Unique Weight Watchers Diet Menu with Tips for Healthy Eating

By gagan in Diet
It has been said that sort is the flavor of life, and that is absolutely real as wearisome to eat an active diet. No person likes to eat the similar item continually, and disinterest is the attacker of an active diet for health. Luckily for those irr...

04th March 2010

Learn Deadly Martial Arts Starting Today!

Fighting in real-life is much different than in a dojo. Your life may actually be in danger. Here, I will show you some effective methods that you can implement into your existing martial arts knowledge, to become more prepare in the event of an actual at...

12th May 2009

Taser Holster: How to Select

In spite of its fearsome reputation, the taser has become one of the most popular and top selling self-defense products today. There is no question regarding its efficacy -- it is capable of stopping an attacker in his tracks and getting him incapacitate...

08th May 2009

Cell Phone Number Lookup Leads to a Rapist

What did we ever do before cell phones gave us the ability to follow their trail right to the criminals' doorstep? Now we hear on a daily basis, how one way or another, looking up the location of the cell phone owner helps solve crimes and locate perpetra...

15th April 2009

Internet and Cell Phone Safety Include Reverse Phone Lookups

State police in many states are making an effort to educate Middle School students and parents about Internet and cell phone safety. Although most students have Internet access at home, the adults present at these sessions are usually unpleasantly surpris...

10th April 2009

Pepper Gun: What It Is and How It Works

Although pepper sprays are still some of the best-selling self-defense gadgets today, there is another pepper-based tool that promises stronger stopping power. It's called the pepper gun. It functions in much the same way as a regular gun but with a big...

08th April 2009

Pepper Spray Book: Not Your Ordinary Self Defense Weapon

Pepper spray has been in wide use for many years and its functions have ranged from police work to personal self-defense to animal control. But did you know that pepper spray, while considered a non-lethal weapon, can still be dangerous in some cases? I...

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