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26th March 2012

Lip Disaster Happens to Actress

We’ve seen the look – over inflated lips, lips that have lost their definition and lips that look unnatural. No amount of explaining from a well-paid publicist can stop the look of shock on our faces as we watch in amusement that yet another poor darling ...

21st April 2011

Stem Cell Facelift - The Natural Facelift Choice

A lot of a mature woman is questioning how to rejuvenate her deal with. The offered options which variety from plastic surgery to cosmetic laser and dermal injectables are rather perplexing: how is the possible individual to know what choice to opt for?Pr...

06th April 2011

Enjoy World Class Liposuction In Thailand For Less

The phrase liposuction in Thailand probably conjures up images of a dimly lit room and a ill-qualified ‘doctor’ hacking at flesh with an implement that resembles a machete more than a scalpel. This is of course comes from the point of view of an individua...

23rd February 2011

Neck and face lift combo for a more beautiful you

Time can be a woman’s worst enemy. Sagging skin, deep wrinkles, drooping corners of the mouth, and thick bands of flesh on the neck are telltale signs of aging. If you have these, there is no more reason for you to feel unhappy about your appearance. A ne...

02nd November 2010

A Range Of Methods To Remove Skin Tags

Acrochorda or skin tags are small, benign growths that tend to form on parts of the body where folds of skin rub together. They can affect the armpits, groin, neck, chest, back and even the eyelids. They can be barely noticeable, about the size of a grain...

30th June 2010

What Techniques Are Offered In Regards To A Removal Of Mole

By Lori in Beauty
A person could leave skin tumors alone because the nevi can be un-damaging. However, removal of mole approaches ought to be completed if they develop into malignant melanoma that might grow into skin cancer which possibly will be fatal if not eliminated. ...

03rd February 2010

Plastic Surgery Fees

Each year millions of people choose to have plastic surgery to either recover from an accident, usually the result of a fire or an automobile collision, or to restore their self-confidence, getting a psychological boost from looking younger and more beaut...

07th January 2010

Get What You Lost With Body Hair Transplantation

Over 15 million people go through the pain of hair loss every day. In this competitive world its a pretty demotivating situation to be in when you start loosing your hair. Your appearance matters a lot not only to others but how you feel about yourself. A...

04th January 2010

Brazil Butt Lift: Surgery or Work Out?

People like quick fixes. Whether it's diet pills or plastic surgery, the number of people who opt for miracle cures is enormous—and growing. The latest fad to hit the market is the Brazilian Butt Lift, where surgeons extract fat from your body and injec...

18th December 2009

How to Get Rid of Skin Moles

Moles occur when the cells in the skin that give it its pigment, called melanocytes, grow in clusters. These cells normally grow throughout the skin, but when too many grow in the same place a mole occurs. Most moles appear before the age of 25, but some ...

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