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21st May 2010

Laser Hair Removal in Denver

Unwanted hair may make you appear you a complete mess. Hair, the crown jewel of human species, is also one of the most bothersome appendages to the human body. We shave, wax, electrocute ourselves and go through numerous procedures just to tame them and k...

18th May 2010

Watch The Great African Scandal

Academic Robert Beckford visits Ghana to investigate the invisible costs of rice, chocolate and gold and why, 50 years following independence, a nation so wealthy in organic assets is one of the poorest inside the planet. He discovers child laborers farmi...

06th January 2010

Five Reasons to Consider Dahle Premium Guillotine Cutters

When you think about guillotine paper cutters, what are some of the features that come to mind? Is it what the item is made out of? How much it can cut? The size of it? The safety features? All of the above? If you're like most people, perhaps you think o...

17th September 2009

Where do Beauty Trends come from?

By a in Beauty
4-inch lotus feet. Lead-based face makeup. Hairlines plucked to create a longer forehead. Though these may sound like acts from the Circus of Beauty Shop of Horrors, they were all considered common beauty rituals at some point in history. So then just wha...

01st June 2009

Summer Safety Essentials

Always be sure to have a non-battery powered flashlight. If you get lost at night and your flashlight runs out of batteries, you are putting yourself in more danger. Flashlights can help you scare off predatory animals, and they also make you easily detec...

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