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30th January 2013

The Ins and outs of Fiction

The name fiction is normally applied to literature, specifically imagined text. This can include books, short stories, fables, fairy tales etc that in turn could contain or make reference to true to life happenings. Enjoyable though it is, fiction ha...

04th February 2011

How to Select the Best T-Shirt Designs

There several things to know about how to select the best T-shirt designs. You want to make sure the artwork is something that you enjoy looking at. Artwork can range anywhere from political ideas to abstract. The fonts must be easy to read and that the e...

15th April 2010

How to combine single lines and chords in your soloing

Guitar is a great instrument, let's say it. It allows you to play single lines, chords and also to combine in your solos. But, How do you blend chords and single lines? I have spent lots of time listening and studying Joe Pass, Martin Taylor and p...

27th January 2010

Online Classical Guitar Lessons--Practice Tips

One thing that is paramount in guitar musicianship, especially if you are taking online classical guitar lessons, is paying attention to technical details during practice. Much of music's subtle appeal comes from the performer's handling of these very el...

29th April 2009

Challenges of Managing a Bilingual Call Center

The Spanish-speaking population in the world exceeds that of English-speaking and their buying power has a significant impact on the global economy. Businesses that manage advertising campaigns to generate interest in what they produce must have a collect...

25th March 2009

Spring in the Calendar of Nature and Soul

Below is the first segment of A Calendar of Nature and Soul, an e-book that uses the 52 weeks that spiral through the year, taking Easter and spring as a starting point. Week by week, the fabric of the soul's biography, is counter-woven with nature's ann...

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