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17th August 2011

Significance of Political news India in development

Sphere of politics seems to be excluding common person when everything about it just emphasizes on his very being, in general, the Public. The hordes of magazines address this very entity of System to appease the curiosity behind locked doors of politics....

16th May 2011

Why Was Osama Bin Laden Really Buried So Shortly After His Death?

An article asking the questions which nobody seems willing to answer regarding the real reason why Osama Bin Laden was buried out at sea before his body could be shown to the media. It seeming as if some people are too busy congratulating themselves to ta...

15th April 2011

Government Shutdown to Impact GSA

April 8, 2011 GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN TO IMPACT GSA The Government Shutdown of 2011 is certain to have a major impact on the General Services Administration (GSA) and we sat down to discuss this unique situation with Kevin Chace, President of Nu Cen-tur...

15th July 2010

A Week In The Life Of An Oil Soaked Pelican!

Picture yourself standing on the beach gazing at the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. Suddenly, just a stone's throw from where you are standing, a pelican in flight becomes silhouetted against the backdrop of the orange ball of the sun. It's an ...

28th April 2010

People Born After the World War II

Baby boomers are the persons who were born during Post World War II baby boom. "Baby boomer" is occasionally used for cultural context, at times used for describing a person that was born at the time of post-WWII baby boom. So, it is not possible to attai...

03rd September 2009

The Presumptive Republican Nominee & That Other Guy

By a in Politics
I've noticed lately that the media has taken to calling John McCain the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. It's a strange sort of twist considering that a couple months ago they seemed so certain that McCain was the Republican presidential nomin...

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