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14th August 2011

Counsel your rockingrelation

In today’s world of technological advance almost each and everything is available on the net which includes marriages too. Online therapy is something which you should try and not miss out on. Such counseling plays a very important role in building up hap...

21st June 2011

A Lesson on Salient Features of Email Bundle

As a busy professional you must be wondering to catch hold of one top shot communication mode that can help you to stay in better touch with all your friends and acquaintances. Best is to meet the person face to face and babble out whatever is there in yo...

30th March 2011

Facts About How To Pick The Right Video Production Company

Many people believe what they see more frequently than what they read or hear. Hence, one of the best and most effective means to market and promote your business is by commercial video to obtain the information out about your business. Here is some simpl...

18th February 2011

Video Phone blessing or curse?

In a society where staying connected the old fashion way seems nearly impossible, we keep on seeking ever changing ways to communicate without being present face to face, but is that really such a bad thing? Many people may argue that this new wave of tec...

09th December 2010

Essential Communication Skills for Businesses

Despite the differences in corporate culture, good communication and presentation skills are generally important attributes of a successful business person. Whether you are an accountant from Singapore or a CEO from the United Kingdom or a teacher from th...

02nd June 2010

Kites - A Complete Mess

J's (Hrithik Roshan), a Las Vegas based Indian dance instructor, only ambition is to become rich. He marries illegal immigrants for money and doesn't have any qualms about faking love for Gina (Kangana Ranaut), a casino owner's (Kabir Bedi) daughter, who ...

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